Attend a NIFA Regional SAFECON near you

Region III competition 2010

The season for NIFA Regional SAFECON competitions is upon us.  Before we know it, school will be back in session, practices will be in full swing, the air will cool a little, and teams will be gearing up to compete in their regional competition for a chance to attend Nationals next May.

As always, NIFA continues to listen and evolve to serve you, the teams, better.  We’ve improved our test delivery methodology, we’ve improved our communications, and the judges committee continues, with your help, to review and update the rules to make them safer and more fair.

An important change to note this year is your NIFA membership.  Based off of feedback, beginning this year a team’s membership dues will be comprised of two parts: the school membership and the student membership.  The school membership allows a team voting rights on membership issues, and admission for any and all advisors and coaches to NIFA events.  The student membership allows a student to attend and compete in all NIFA events for a full year.  For more information, see: Team Memberships

If you’re interested in being a judge at a Regional, please head over to the judges page to get more information about how we could use your help.