Student Tours of NetJets 2016

Teams and students are invited to tour NetJets global headquarters at 4151 Bridgeway Avenue at [...]

Landing hold continues 5/11/16

The hold for Short Field landings is still in place.  KOSU is still IFR, standby for another [...]

Time Change & Short Field Landings 5/11/16

Briefing for Short Field landings is now 9am.  Judges report at 8:30.  Reduced visibility and passing [...]

CRM slots

The following CRM slots are available Wednesday. (tomorrow) 1005-1145 11:00-12:40 3:35-5:15 If you are interested, [...]

Calendar Events Continue

Calendar events will continue this afternoon as scheduled.  Continue to change your appointment slots as [...]

Done for the day 5/10/16

Weather is continuing to develop in the area, with more building southwest of KOSU.  Therefore, we [...]

Weather hold #2 5/10/16

Weather is approaching from the southwest.  Landings have been suspended.  Heat 22 was holding short [...]

Reminder: Taxi technique

All taxiing aircraft should use proper wind handling procedures.  Please recognize the wind, and apply the [...]

Preflight Today

Due to the schedule change today we are opening up some preflight slots today 5/10/16.  [...]