Thursday 10/27 Schedule Update

Tomorrow morning we will be doing landings. The forecast is not favorable to NAV and more fitting for the event on Friday. We will start with Short Field and follow with Power Off. There is an 8:30am show time for contestants. There will be a briefing at 8:30am and an attempt to launch the first heat at 9am. Please have your non-flying contestants staging your aircraft by 8:45am in accordance with the landings heat sheet.

If the ceilings cooperate in the morning there is a chance that there is enough time to do message drop in the afternoon. Please bring your message containers with you to the airport in the morning. After landings are completed, I will talk to school representatives to discuss whether we want to do message drop or not. If there is a positive consensus we will attempt to complete the event.

Best of luck and I look forward to seeing everyone in the morning!