The N I F A

The National Intercollegiate Flying Association exists to serve as a forum, competitive and non-competitive, for collegiate aviators.  Check our news page for all the latest.


Calling all Judges!

Regionals is right around the corner and we need your help judging!  If you are interested in volunteering at a regional competition this fall, please visit and let us know what your availability is.  Please note, you will have to fill out the form once for each competition.  Thank you!


SAFECON 2019 Bidding Open

Bids to host SAFECON 2019 are now being accepted. A bid can be submitted to the NIFA Executive Director electronically in the form of an email to or by written means in the form of a letter. Bidding to host SAFECON 2019 will close at the end of the business day on Monday, Nov. […]