Team Memberships

NIFA membership is not restricted to only those institutions that have aviation education programs. A flight club from a school which does not have any aviation training programs at all can qualify for membership under the NIFA Bylaws. However, the club must be recognized as an official student organization of the institution. Local Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) at airports where such schools are located can usually tell you who to contact from the club.


Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, flight team NIFA membership dues are a two-part fee system. The School Membership fee will confer membership upon the school, advisor, and all coaches and non-competing students for the entire calendar/school year, July 1 to June 30. Also, in order to participate in any NIFA event, students must become Student Members of NIFA prior to the event. If you are paying membership fees on behalf of a student or students, use the Voucher for Student Membership. (It’s like a gift certificate.) Purchase as many membership vouchers as you need for your students and during the checkout process you’ll email them each a coupon code that they’ll each redeem for their own membership.

If you’re a new school to NIFA, welcome! Send us an email about your interest ( and we’ll get you set up in the system. You’ll then choose the School Membership below. This application and payment of dues should be made by the Advisor, the faculty advisor or other advisor recognized by their institution as the official representative for their team. Then, your students will be able to choose their school affiliation when they become members, or you’ll be able to purchase their membership using the Voucher for Student Membership.

School Membership fees are due by Sept 1 each year.

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  • School Membership – 2017/18


    This membership is for an advisor to register his/her school for membership in NIFA for the present school year.  When signing up, please choose your school.  If your school isn't listed, send a quick email to

    Note: If your school needs an invoice for a purchase order, on checkout choose “Mail a Check” and print the order as the official copy of the request.


  • Student Membership – 2017/18


    PLEASE NOTE: A student must purchase this for themselves. No one else can purchase this.
    To purchase a membership on a student's behalf, see the Student Membership Voucher.

    Become a student member of NIFA as an enrolled member of your college or university's flight team.  Privileges of student membership include the ability to compete at all NIFA events in a school year (provided the associated team qualifies for the event).  A student must be a student member in order to participate in NIFA events.  Membership is for the current competition year only and expires June 30 every year.

    Choose your school below.  Don't see it listed?  Contact your team advisor about your school's membership.



  • Voucher (Coupon) – $16


    Purchase a student's membership on their behalf. Note: This is NOT the Student Membership.

    Two things can happen at checkout:

    1. Choose to do nothing and you'll receive all the voucher/coupon codes in your email to distribute as you see fit.
    2. Choose “Send codes to others/multiple people” on the checkout page and use our system to distribute the codes. You'll need each students email address.

    Note: If your school needs an invoice for a purchase order, on checkout choose “Mail a Check” and print the order as the official copy of the request.  Directions will be included.

    Please note: This voucher is intended to be used for a Student Membership for this school year.  Therefore, if unused at the end of the school year, it will be treated as if it was used and the value will be forfeited.