Judge Survival Guide

We’re glad you’re considering being a NIFA judge. The position comes with a fair amount of responsibility, as well as a few benefits. Not only will you help oversee the administration of the NIFA rulebook during competitions, but you’ll interact and connect with students and peers in the aviation industry, and potentially make lifelong friends.

First and foremost, the most important implement in a judge’s toolkit is a sense of and dedication to fairness, followed closely by sunscreen, layered clothing, and a good pair of boots! The hours can be long – oftentimes you’ll be at the airport before the competitors to help set up or prepare for an event, and you’ll stay after the teams have left to clean up or grade tests and input scores to the scoring program. It can be grueling but rewarding work.


If you’re interested in being a judge in your region, take a look at the events page for an upcoming regional competition in your area and contact the organizer. Or, if you wish to help judge the National SAFECON and haven’t done so before, submit your application online at right and we’ll be in contact with you about your interest.  Thank you.

2014 National SAFECON 2-star judges

Become a NIFA Judge