Please click below to access the most current NIFA Judges Manual.  The former “Appendices & Scoresheets” link is for naming reference only and will take you to a page containing a list of the old numbering method to all of the supporting material. All of the information has been incorporated into the Judges Manual, or can be accessed from the List of Resources below.

NIFA Judges Manual

Judge Resources *Not Updated* (formerly Appendices & Scoresheets)

NIFA Events & Rules – A description of all NIFA events and their rules. Also, order a hard copy of your own here.

NIFA Landing Events Safety Review

List of Resources

Crisis Response Tool

Protest Procedures

Navigation Event Holding Pad Example

Results Verification Checklist

Scoring User Guide

Start Box Example

Shutdown Box Example

Chief Judge

Event Feedback

General Contestant Briefing Example

Judge Availability & Positions

Pre-Arrival Briefing Example

Staging Procedures

Navigation Event Judge

Bad Elf Instructions

Contestant Planning Form

Crosswind Limit Chart

Heat Sheet Template

Contestant Instruction Sheet

Penalty Descriptions for Navigation Event

Navigation Event Briefing Example

Navigation Judge – Route Instructions              

Power-Off & Short-Field Approach and Landing Event Judge

Card Supplement – Nationals

Card Supplement – Regionals

Crosswind Limit Chart

Heat Sheet Template

Judge Runway Locations

Penalty Descriptions for Landing Events

Runway Marking Diagram

Traffic Pattern Limits Construction

Traffic Pattern Limit Calculator

Regionals – Landing Event Paper Cards

Message Drop Event Judge

Crosswind Limit Chart

Heat Sheet Template

Message Drop Forms (Score sheet)

Event Judges

Aircraft Preflight Score Sheet

Aircraft Preflight Scoring Guide

Aircraft Recognition Test Example


Computer Accuracy Answer Sheet

Ground Trainer Scoring

SCAN Answer Sheet

Awards and Individual Events

American Airlines Safety Award

CFI Event Scoring Criteria

Coach of the Year Scoring Criteria

Collegiate Aviation Progress Award Scoring Criteria

Competition Safety Award Score Sheet

Competition Safety Award – Regional SAFECON Example

Loening Trophy Scoring Criteria