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Final Plan for today, 10/5

Power off landings. Please be in the hangar at 0800. Preflight as well today. Judges [...]

Preliminary plan for tomorrow, 10/5

Sorry for the late post… 0800 tomorrow for Power Off Landings & Preflight. Judges please [...]

Debrief this afternoon

Please meet in the hangar for a quick debrief after Message Drop finishes this afternoon. [...]

Update for today, 10/4

We are still running on schedule and I anticipate finishing Nav about 1400. Based on [...]

Final plan for today, 10/4

Let’s plan on Navigation at 0800. Judges please meet at 0700 in the flight school.  [...]

Preliminary Plan for tomorrow, 10/4

The plan is still to try for Nav at 0800. The forecasts are improving, but [...]

Afternoon 10/3 Flying

We will resume short field landings with heat #5. Plan to start engines at 1430 [...]

Ground Trainer Practice Available

Please see Baron in FL11 for practice sign up slots. Each school gets 30 min [...]

Final Plan for 10/3

0900 briefing in the hangar for short field landings. Again, please be prepared for all [...]

Preliminary Plan for Monday, 10/3

Students report at 0900 and plan for Short Field Landings. Be sure to dress warm [...]