Monthly Archives: October 2016

2016 Region IV SAFECON Official Results

2016 Region IV SAFECON, held 25-29 October 2016 at Skylark Field Airport in Killeen, Texas, [...]


Region IX SAFECON 2016 Arrival Briefing Welcome to the 2016 Region IX SAFECON, hosted by [...]

2016 REGION IX SAFECON SCHEDULE as of 10-26-2016

2016 Region IX SAFECON Schedule v. 10-26-2016 Monday, October 31, 2016 0800-1800 Schools Check-in / [...]

2016 Region VIII SAFECON Official Results

2016 Region VIII SAFECON, held 24-29 October 2016 at the Terre Haute International Airport in [...]

Friday 10/28 Schedule Update

Tomorrow morning will be NAV! The schedule will run as planned according to the show [...]

The plan for Friday

The only event left to complete is Message Drop.  Thanks again for all of your [...]

Preflight Update

With the changing of tomorrow’s schedule there will be a lot of conflicts created with [...]

Thursday’s Plan

Plan for Thursday: Manual Flight Computer test at 8:30 at the airport. NAV to start [...]

Thursday 10/27 Schedule Update

Tomorrow morning we will be doing landings. The forecast is not favorable to NAV and [...]

***NEW*** Navigation Heat Sheet

Please review the attached updated Navigation heat sheet.  Please let me know if there are [...]