Monthly Archives: May 2016

Bidding Open to Host SAFECON 2018 (closed)

Bidding to host SAFECON 2018 is now open closed.  Please see for more information. [...]

SAFECON 2016 Results

SAFECON 2016, held 9 – 14 May 2016 at The Ohio State University Airport, hosted [...]

Full SAFECON 2016 Results

Full SAFECON 2016 results can be found here: SAFECON 2016 Results And, have been posted [...]

School overall rankings


2016 SAFECON Official Preliminary Results

Preliminary results are posted here: Official 2016 SAFECON Preliminary Results Full and detailed results will [...]

Preflight Aircraft available for viewing 5/14/16

The Preflight aircraft will be available for viewing at the airport facilities hangar today until [...]

Flying Complete for SAFECON 2016

Flying events at SAFECON 2016 are complete.  Thank you to everyone who made the week [...]

Round 3 NAV Departure

Round 3 will begin to depart hotbox at 5:15pm.  Please have your ground crew ready [...]

NAV Continues..

We have many no-shows for NAV planning, approx. 2hr 20 min behind.  Plan accordingly!  In [...]

Advisor/Coach Meeting

Advisors/Coaches:   Meeting in front of Hangar 7 @ 2:25pm (Landside) [...]