Ground Trainer Practice Available

Please see Baron in FL11 for practice sign up slots. Each school gets 30 min [...]

Final Plan for 10/3

0900 briefing in the hangar for short field landings. Again, please be prepared for all [...]

Preliminary Plan for Monday, 10/3

Students report at 0900 and plan for Short Field Landings. Be sure to dress warm [...]

Contestant Briefing

Attached is the General Contestant Briefing. 2016-region-i-safecon-gcb

***REVISED*** Nav Heat Sheet

Please see attached.2016-region-1-navigation-heat-sheet

***REVISED*** Landings heat sheet

Please see attached for a revised heat sheet with the Rounds marked. landings-heat-sheet

Region I Contestant List

If you forget your contestant ID number, you can search this PDF file.  It is [...]

Flying Practice Schedule for 10/2

Landing practice may continue until 1600 local time.  All flying must cease by 1600. Navigation [...]

Practice Flights Deadline

All Region 1 NIFA practice flights must be finished by 1600 tomorrow, Sunday October 2.  [...]

Navigation Heat Sheet Information Needed!

I need some information from the schools to start putting the Navigation Event heat sheet [...]