Monthly Archives: May 2016

NEW NAV Plan Times

Round 1 NAV contestants are currently in the planning process.  New show time for planning [...]

NAV is on Hold

Advisor/coach meeting in hangar 7 at 10:45am 

Deadline approaching…

The following deadlines apply for the following: Coach of the Year:  TODAY at 12:00pm EDT.  Access [...]

NAV day 5/13/16

NAV day today. Please reference the heat sheet for your check-in time at the planning room. [...]

Preliminary Plan 5/13/16

NAV day tomorrow.  Judges show at 7:30am. Reference the heat sheet for your show time. [...]

Message Drop update 5/12/16

Round 3 will be the final round of message drop today. Please hang around for [...]

Staging for Message Drop

Weather is holding, begin staging for Message Drop.  We will start as soon as possible.

Preflight slots open

Preflight is available today at 1pm and 4:20pm today.  Pickup for preflight will be in [...]

Good weather continues…

Round 5 of short-field landings will continue after the power-off landing event.  Message drop will continue [...]

Runway Change

27R now is use for landings.  Heat 23 now holding short ready to go.