Monthly Archives: May 2016

Calendar Events Continue

Calendar events will continue this afternoon as scheduled.  Continue to change your appointment slots as [...]

Done for the day 5/10/16

Weather is continuing to develop in the area, with more building southwest of KOSU.  Therefore, we [...]

Weather hold #2 5/10/16

Weather is approaching from the southwest.  Landings have been suspended.  Heat 22 was holding short [...]

Reminder: Taxi technique

All taxiing aircraft should use proper wind handling procedures.  Please recognize the wind, and apply the [...]

Preflight Today

Due to the schedule change today we are opening up some preflight slots today 5/10/16.  [...]

Landing Update

Winds have calmed down.  Heat 15 will launch in about 5 minutes.

Message Drop Weigh and Measure Station

The message drop weigh and measure station is located in hangar 7.  Check your dimensions [...]

Advisors meeting hangar 7

Landings have been stopped due to crosswinds.  Last report 160-15kts.  All advisors meet by podium [...]

CFI Slots Today

Many CFI event slots are available today.  11:15, 2:15, 3:15 are still open.  Contact Peg [...]