Bidding Open to Host SAFECON 2018 (closed)

Bidding to host SAFECON 2018 is now open closed.  Please see for more information.

In addition to this posting, emails have been sent to the NIFA points-of-contact at all NIFA Member Schools and to all NIFA Council Member Regional Representatives. A bid can be submitted to the NIFA Executive Director electronically in the form of an email to or by written means in the form of a letter.

Hosting a SAFECON is an excellent opportunity for a school, building relationships with the airport and community (even if facilities requirements dictate they host the competition at another airport), providing exposure for the aviation education program, and creating contacts in the industry. Preparing for the event builds leadership and organizational skills among the student officers. And, there can be a financial incentive for the school and FBO.

Bids to host SAFECON 2018 are accepted through the end of the business day on Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

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