Janesville Native Has Ties to National Flight Competition [Aviation Pros May 2019]

By Nate Jackson [The Janesville Gazette, Wis., May 16, 2019]

Sitting in the passenger seat of a 1973 Piper Cherokee, Brandon Moore says he was 16 years old when he realized he wanted to be a pilot.

Brandon, a 2010 Craig High School graduate, returned to the airport this week to recruit pilots at the national Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference, or SAFECON. Competitive flight events are scheduled at the airport through Friday.

The competition is sponsored by the National Intercollegiate Flying Association and is hosted by UW-Madison. It’s the first year Wisconsin has hosted the event.

Twenty-nine teams are competing, including UW-Madison and Brandon’s alma mater, Louisiana Tech University. About 100 small-engine planes from across the country are parked on the airport’s tarmac.