Message Drop Weigh and Measure Station

The message drop weigh and measure station is located in hangar 7.  Check your dimensions [...]

Advisors meeting hangar 7

Landings have been stopped due to crosswinds.  Last report 160-15kts.  All advisors meet by podium [...]

CFI Slots Today

Many CFI event slots are available today.  11:15, 2:15, 3:15 are still open.  Contact Peg [...]

Power-off Landings 5/10/16

Today will be power-off landings.  Please ensure your landing information has been entered into the [...]

NIFA Selfie Contest 2016

Show our NIFA SAFECON sponsors some love!  NIFA announces a contest for the best selfie [...]

Sign-up events

With the change of flying events early in the week, please use your time wisely [...]

Preliminary 5/10/16 Plan

Due to rain showers and potential convective activity later in the day, plan power-off landings Tuesday.  [...]

IFR SIM School Packets

Please pickup your IFR SIM Packets at the conclusion of the SCAN test.  Packets will [...]

Fueling Manager

The fuel manager will be available to process fuel requests after ground tests are finished [...]

New Electronic Planning Form

This is what the new electronic planning form looks like for the Navigation Event. It [...]