NIFA Council Member-At-Large Positions, 2015-2017 (Updated)

(Now closed) NIFA would like to announce that there are three NIFA Council Member-At-Large positions whose terms expire on June 30, 2015. As such, NIFA is notifying all interested parties that there is an open nomination period for these positions effective immediately.

1. NIFA Council Member-At-Large “Eligibility Requirements” can be found in NIFA Bylaw 2.14.
2. NIFA Council Member-At-Large “Responsibilities” can be found in NIFA Bylaw 2.13.
3. NIFA Council Member-At-Large “Election” Procedures can be found in NIFA Bylaw 2.12.

The NIFA Bylaws and an Application for NIFA Council Member can be found on the Council Documents and Policies page. All interested parties should return their completed application to the NIFA Executive Director in accordance with NIFA Bylaw Section 2.12.A.3.

Update (2/24/2015): The application window will close at the end of business, 3 March 2015.

Update 2 (3/3/2015): The application window is now closed.