Redbook Rule Change Proposals 2022

In accordance with the NIFA Bylaws, Chapter 15, we’d like to invite you to consider and comment on a current slate of rule change proposals.

15.1 The NIFA Council may receive and act on rule change proposals from any member institution in good standing, the NIFA Board of Directors, or the NIFA Council. If time permits, The Executive Director shall notify all member schools of any proposed rule changes and allow a minimum of thirty (30) days for comment. The original proposed rule change, together with all comments and arguments, shall then be acted upon by the NIFA Council. The NIFA Council shall be largely influenced in its decision by the strength of arguments presented by the membership. The NIFA Council must act on all rule changes prior to the NIFA annual business meeting. The rule year shall be from the annual business meeting to the conclusion of the National Intercollegiate SAFECON of the following year.

Comments will be received up until close of business, May 9, 2022.