SAFECON 2018 – College Pilots Ready For Takeoff [WAWV Indiana]

TERRE HAUTE, Indiana – While the Terre Haute Regional Airport is gearing up for the highly anticipated air show in August, traffic will soon pick up as another event descends for landing in 33 days. The Indiana State Flight Academy will host the National Intercollegiate Flying Association.

While the competition will teach students new skills and give them a chance to network in the tightly knitted community of aviation, the event April 30th to May 5th will use 6,000 gallons of fuel from the airport and provide over 10,000 landings.

“We’ve invited 31 collegiate teams from 10 different regions across the country. We are expecting over 100 airplanes here from those different teams,” said Indiana State Student Coordinator, Brock Rees.

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