Tuesday 10/25 Schedule Update

The schedule will run as planned from 8am to 6pm on Tuesday 10/25. There may be a slight delay for sunrise in the first heat.

Sim practice will be held at the ISU College of Technology, John T Myers Tech Center, Sim Lab Room 110.

8:30 – Lewis

9:00 – ISU

10:00 – Purdue

12:30 – Quicny

3:30 – SIU

Preflight practice will be held at the airport in the Vintage Wings Hangar, 7201 Maynard Wheeler Lane.

2:15 – Lewis

3:00 – SIU

3:45 – Purdue

4:30 – Quincy

5:15 – ISU


Sim Competition- After all practice is completed, the pattern will be distiributed at the general contestant briefing. Sim Competition will be held Wednesday afternoon after ground events. A sign up sheet will be circulated at the briefing. After opinion polling the majority of schools were in support of running the event Wednesday and I greatly appreciate the help! Getting this done may mean getting more flying events in if weather becomes an issue.


Heat sheets for Landings/Message Drop/Nav and the Preflight competition sign up sheet will also be available at the briefing.


Let me know if you have any questoins or concerns!