Wednesday Schedule Update

Ground events will run as scheduled on Wednesday. To clarify their location, they will be at the same location as breakfast at Clabber Girl. It is located at 900 N Wabash Ave in downtown Terre Haute. The building has a restaurant and museum on the ground floor and banquet halls upstairs. Our breakfast and ground events will be held upstairs in a banquet hall. Breakfast is advertised as 7:30 but can be had as early as 7:00.

Sim will be held on campus at the same location as practice.

During ground events ee will call students in 15 minutes prior to each event. (7:45 will be first call)

E6B – 8:00am

REC – 10:00am

SCAN – 12:00pm

Sim will run as the schools scheduled themselves.

2:00 – ISU

2:30 – Quincy

3:00 – Lewis

3:30 – Purdue

4:00 -SIU

Once again I appreciate the accommodation with SIM and I apologize for the late posting. If there’s any questions or anything you need help with let me know!