Region IX SAFECON 2016

Arrival Briefing

Welcome to the 2016 Region IX SAFECON, hosted by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the Eagles Flight Team! The SAFECON will be conducted at the ERAU Campus and Massey Ranch Airpark (X50) in Edgewater. This briefing will provide you with some general and essential information for operating at X50 and the ERAU campus.

Contact Information

Chief Judge: Mark Misunas 386-233-0446

Host School: Scott Reese 386-871-8273

President: Emmy Dillon 571-286-8390


Those of us here at Embry-Riddle are here to help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable competition. If there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to contact one of us via the phone numbers provided above.

Arrival/Departure Procedures

Between August of 2015 and now, Daytona Beach International Airport and Class C airspace has facilitated over 470,000 total operations, making it one of the busiest airports for general aviation in the United States. It is critical that you remain attentive and vigilant to other traffic when operating to, from, or in the vicinity of the KDAB Class C– including the NAV route! Other than as required by the Nav event, competition aircraft should remain clear of the KDAB Class C.

The airport which we will be utilizing for our flight events is Massey Airpark (X50), which is an uncontrolled field about 5 nm south of the KDAB Class C and just outside the New Smyrna Airport (KEVB) Class D. It hosts one runway, 18/36 and one parallel taxiway. Parking will be in the grass. The start-up box will also be in the grass adjacent to the taxiway.


CTAF: 122.7 ATIS: Use KEVB (124.625)
Daytona Approach/Departure:
North: 125.80
South: 125.35
Runway 18/36




This diagram of our training areas is provided for your situational awareness.

Initial Flight into X50

Contact prior to your departure for Massey: Prior to your departure, please call Scott Reese (386-871-8273) and provide us with your estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Once you have arrived, we will provide you with an Arrival Safety Brief. You must receive the Arrival Safety Brief from either Scott Reese or Emmy Dillon prior to practicing. Due to the nature of the uncontrolled airport environment, it is imperative that all individuals become familiar with the area and appropriate procedures for both ground and flight operations.

Flying & Ground Ops at X50



While Embry-Riddle training aircraft are prohibited from using the field, many other flight schools utilize Massey. Expect to share the pattern with aircraft also conducting closed traffic operations.

Being uncontrolled, you must be vigilant in looking for other traffic. Many aircraft opt to make few or no position reports while in the vicinity of the field.

When flying closed traffic at Massey, you must be cautious of the KEVB Class D to the north of the field. Below is an image of a school and red roofed buildings just southeast of the school, which are visual reference points to identify the beginning of the Class D. The Class D starts directly on top of New Smyrna Beach High School, the grey buildings. You always want to keep the school to the north of your aircraft. To do so, you’ll need to turn crosswind no later than the red-roofed buildings circled in red below.


During Rwy 36 operations, the aircraft will have to back taxi onto the runway. During landings practice, each aircraft will operate on its own. However, during competition, each landings heat will operate as a flight while on the ground. Lining up the aircraft during competition will be briefed during the contestant briefing, as well as during the Judges Briefing the morning of the event(s).

There are also frequent banner towing operations occurring on the north east side of the field, in the grass. When a banner tower is picking up or dropping off a banner, it is important to get out of their way, both in the air and on the ground. Banner towing aircraft do not fly normal patterns. Banner towing operations tend to be sparse during weekdays. Bottom Line: We will suspend NIFA operations to make way for banner towing operations.

Lastly, there are no vehicle operations allowed on the grassy area south of the fuel farm and tent. There are sprinklers in the ground, which tend to break if run over by a vehicle.


Based on the KEVB Class D and the maximum NIFA Downwind of ¾ miles, competition aircraft should remain within the pattern limits depicted for X50.

Noise Abatement Procedures

Massey (X50) is a fly-in community and there are homes east of the runway. When conducting your aircraft’s before-takeoff run-up, please point your nose towards the hangars and tails towards the runway.

Tie-Down and Parking at X50

Each school will be responsible for bringing their own tie-down ropes, chocks (not required), and “Master OFF, Magnetos OFF, Keys Out” signs for each of their aircraft. Embry-Riddle will provide anchors for tie-downs in spots where no permanent tie-downs exist. The parking area will not be exclusive to NIFA. It is imperative that you do NOT leave any valuables in your aircraft unattended.

The aircraft will be located on the grass on the west side of the field, adjacent to the FBO. Some spots do have tie-downs already in the ground, but many do not.

Your parking will be assigned with the Arrival Safety Brief.


The fuel at Massey is self-serve, accepting credit cards upon purchase. The payment method is subject to change or adjustment. More information will come as we finalize the details with the FBO. The fuel farm is just east of and directly in front of the FBO.

IMPORTANT: Teams are responsible for bringing extra aircraft oil for their teams. Extra oil will not be available for purchase at the airport.

Important locations to note:

  • IC Auditorium: Judges Welcome, Training; Contestant Brief; Aircraft REC
  • COA 139: SCAN testing room
  • COB 114: COMPACC testing room
  • COA 205: Interviews
  • COA 105: Judges room
  • Nav Planning: Massey (X50) FBO
  • Nav Sequestering: IC Classrooms
  • Q Hangar Apron: Preflight
  • Sim Center: Ground Trainer and IFR sim events Hotel Information

    There is no NIFA-specific hotel for this competition. There are several hotels near and around the airport which offer Embry-Riddle discounts. Below is a short list of hotels and their contact information:

    Hotels Phone Name

    Residence Inn Speedway 386-252-3949
    386-255-3388 Francine Honeycutt

    Hilton Garden Inn 386-944-4000 Brittney Ball

    Courtyard Marriott 386-252-3388 Ani Olijnyk
    Francine Honeycutt

    Quality Inn 386-451-7130 Deborah Bailey (Bus. Cell)

    Holiday Inn Express Speedway 386-944-1100


    When competing at SAFECON all competitors/coaches/advisors MUST have their NIFA badge on their person. Please remember all of your required documents to the flight events. The drive to Dayton from X50 is about 30 minutes. Each team is responsible for bringing what they need for their team, such as water, bug spray (highly recommended), sunscreen, etc.