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2016 Region VII SAFECON Official Results

2016 Region VII SAFECON, held 13-17 October 2016 at Schenectady County Airport in Schenectady, New [...]

2016 Region III SAFECON Official Results

2016 Region III SAFECON, held 9-14 October 2016 at Wood County Airport in Bowling Green, [...]

2016 Region V SAFECON Official Results

2016 Region V SAFECON, held 4-7 Oct 2016 at Mankato Regional Airport in Mankato, Minnesota, [...]

Donation to Honor Howard Cooper

Our thanks goes out to Elizabeth and Steven Berke who recently made a donation to [...]

SAFECON 2016 video

The SAFECON 2016 recap video has been published.  Thank you to all for participating and [...]

Dowling College to Shut Its Doors

We wish every student the best and hope they can smoothly transition to other programs. [...]

Bidding Open to Host SAFECON 2018 (closed)

Bidding to host SAFECON 2018 is now open closed.  Please see for more information. [...]

SAFECON 2016 Results

SAFECON 2016, held 9 – 14 May 2016 at The Ohio State University Airport, hosted [...]

Full SAFECON 2016 Results

Full SAFECON 2016 results can be found here: SAFECON 2016 Results And, have been posted [...]

2016 SAFECON Official Preliminary Results

Preliminary results are posted here: Official 2016 SAFECON Preliminary Results Full and detailed results will [...]