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SAFECON Registration & Judges Committee Announcement

SAFECON 2015 Team registration for the National SAFECON competion is now open.  The SAFECON 2015 [...]

NIFA Council Member-At-Large Positions, 2015-2017 (Updated)

(Now closed) NIFA would like to announce that there are three NIFA Council Member-At-Large positions [...]

Become a NIFA Associate Member

An associate membership in NIFA, for alumni, judges, parents, industry representatives, and spectators, is an [...]

Bid to host the National SAFECON 2016

With all the focus on regional competitions and SAFECON 2015, it is important to remember [...]

Attend a NIFA Regional SAFECON near you

The season for NIFA Regional SAFECON competitions is upon us.  Before we know it, school [...]


Welcome to the new Please, take a few minutes to orient yourself.  We’ve made [...]