***NEW*** Navigation Heat Sheet

Please review the attached updated Navigation heat sheet.  Please let me know if there are [...]

*****UPDATE***** Wed Am Schedule

Due to forecasted low ceilings we will run SCAN first thing Wed morning. After SCAN [...]

******TENTATIVE**** Wed Schedule

According to the forecast there’s a good chance of doing SCAN first thing Wed morning. [...]

Wednesday Schedule Update

Ground events will run as scheduled on Wednesday. To clarify their location, they will be [...]

****UPDATED**** NAV Heat Sheet

There are updated NAV Heat sheets at the comm desk in the hangar. There are [...]

Pre-flight & Sim Sign-ups

Sign up sheets for Pre-flight and Sim will be posted in the hangar, at the [...]


We have made a change to this year’s SAFECON. All flight events have been moved [...]

SIM Patterns

The competition SIM patterns will be available at 4pm in contestant hangar. As a reminder [...]

SIM Competition Sign Up

The SIM Competition will be ran Wednesday after ground events starting at 2pm. The sign [...]

Contestant ID Numbers

Please see the attached list of contestant ID numbers for Region IV SAFECON. region-iv-contestant-list [...]