NIFA 2020 Annual Business Meeting

The NIFA 2020 Annual Business Meeting discussion is called to order and is being presided over and moderated by the NIFA Council Chairman, Council Members, and the NIFA Council Student Representatives.

See the Discussion

This will obviously be an unusual meeting so please be patient, not just with the process but also with your fellow NIFA Members.  We’ve done our best to prepare an alternative to the usual meeting that will maximize the ability to participate while still relaying information, getting your feedback, and ultimately moving the organization forward.

  • The discussion will be open now until May 24. (Note date change from previous transmission.)
  • Voting will take place online on each proposal during the voting period, May 25 – May 31.
  • Voting will be done by one verified representative from each school. (See next note.)
  • We’ll host a video conference at the end to announce and discuss the results. (Date TBD)

Important: Roll call – We need one representative from each participating school to announce themselves once in the roll call discussion thread.  This one representative will be verified and responsible for voting during the vote period, so choose your representative and have them (and only them) reply with your school name.

Decorum – There are rules.  They will be as liberal as possible.

  • Rule 1: Be kind.  Treat your interactions here as if you were face-to-face with all the other members.
  • Rule 2: Don’t be unkind.  You can be banned from participating for attacking others, being vulgar, or otherwise breaking the NIFA Code of Conduct.


  • Please add your thoughts to the discussion and/or ask a question to encourage other thoughts.
  • Please be brief and specific.
  • Please read the preceding discussion before posting.
  • Check back often.  You can also subscribe to each topic or to the whole forum to be notified of changes. See the bottom of each forum page.
  • If you want to propose an amendment: email with the proposal and we’ll start a new topic.  Discussion will take place concurrently with the main proposal and any other amendments.  Voting on amendments will happen in order during the voting period.