NIFA Annual Business Meeting 2020 and Student Rep Elections

As SAFECON 2020 has been cancelled, NIFA Council will host the 2020 Annual Business meeting in an alternative, two-part fashion, one that will allow participation from all member schools in good standing and allow good back-and-forth communication. This has been historically difficult when the meeting has been held in a hangar at SAFECON.

Annual Business Meeting: This year, conversations will be conducted in forums on this site with topics for each meeting agenda item. Within each topic you’ll be able to ask questions, comment on the item at hand, and form an informed opinion for items requiring a vote. The forums will open May 4 for two weeks. Then, we’ll host a video conference on May 22 about each agenda item. Edit: Schedule and process now amended: More information.

Student Representative Elections: Also on the agenda will be the election of the next Student Representative to the NIFA Council. The nomination window is open until May 1. We’re accepting applications online. Each qualified student will have an opportunity to pitch their candidacy as well as answer questions within the Business Meeting forums prior to the vote. See here for more information on the process.